This is a technique that can improve circulation, promote general relaxation, provides relief from both physical and mental stresses and relieves muscle tension. This is usually a full body treatment and oil or lotions are used.

Focus is deeper in the muscle tissue, with stretching and joint range of motion. This treatment is invigorating and brisk. Attention is given to injury prevention, improved performance and speed recovery after training. Oil and lotions are used.

This is a systematic treatment of muscular trigger points, which are areas of hypersensitivity. it is used to break the cycle of spasm and pain and attention is directed at a specific area of the body.

This is a manual technique used to activate and enhance the movement of lymph fluid. This modality is beneficial for those with edema and lymphedema as well as sinus congestion. No oils or lotions are used.

The Massage Therapist will discuss your options with you to determine the best combination of techniques to fit your needs.

Privacy is a priority during your massage session. During the treatment you will be draped and covered. Only a specific area being massaged is exposed. It is important to us that you will feel comfortable and communicate with your massage therapist concerning the firmness or lightness of touch.

The massage may involve the application of oil. Some may get in your hair and around your neck. If this is a problem let us know before we start. Please remove all jewelry. Now relax and enjoy your massage!

For your convenience we offer an electric lift massage table to assist people with limited movement.